A Community Collaboration to Prevent Climate Change Related Chemical  Accidents and Releases

Through a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) and seven Regional Planning Agencies (RPAs) are conducting workshops designed to build awareness and educate Local and Regional Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs and REPCs), first responders, businesses and community stakeholders about toxic chemicals in their communities. This effort will build sustainable and replicable models for incorporating toxics use reduction into emergency preparedness and climate change resiliency planning.

Municipal Training Schedule pdf format of Municipal Training Schedule
Business Training Schedule - TBA

Contact Tiffany Skogstrom, OTA’s Outreach and Policy Coordinator, at (617) 626-1086 or tiffany.skogstrom@state.ma.us to receive more information and get connected to the project.

Map of Known Toxics Users, Vulnerable Communities and Areas at Risk to Climate Change Weather Events

Visit the ArcGIS Map online to view climate-vulnerable facilities

Visit the ArcGIS Map online to view climate-vulnerable facilities.
To view the climate vulnerability factors associated with a particular address, type the address into the search bar on the top right of the map. To change the information displayed by the map, click on the "Layers" drop down menu to customize the view to your needs.
For assistance navigating this map, contact OTA at (617) 626-1060.

Tools & Resources

Find the OTA industry specialist who best fits your needs:

The Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA) provides a host of free, non-regulatory, confidential assistance services to Massachusetts businesses.  OTA is staffed by chemists, engineers and public health experts who can assist businesses in pollution prevention and toxics use reduction. 

Contact an industry expert directly for a site visit or phone consultation at no cost to your facility. If you're not sure who to contact, you may contact the general OTA number, (617) 626-1060, or fill out this form: Request an OTA Site Visit.

Industry Expertise

Contact Information & Other Expertise

Chemicals and Allied Products
Metal Products
Electronics/ Electrical equipment
Wholesale Trade Goods
SIC codes: 28, 34, 36, 51

Jim Cain
(617) 626-1081
Other expertise: Industrial water management, energy conservation, and air emissions

Food Processing
Lumber and Wood
Furniture and Fixtures
Powder Coating
Dry Cleaners
SIC codes: 20, 24, 25, 72, 76

Marina Gayl
(617) 626-1077
Other expertise: VOC emissions & record keeping, spray booth compliance, spray coating operations, hazardous waste management

Chemical Manufacturing
Transportation Equipment
Commercial Machinery
Computer Equipment
Miscellaneous Industries
SIC codes: 33, 35, 37, 39

John (Jack) Illingworth
(617) 626-1090
Other expertise: Debugging and scale-up of new chemical equipment, hazardous materials, hazardous waste management, air emissions, OSHA regulations,  and cGMP and ISO 9000/14,000 principles

Petroleum Products
Concrete/ Ceramics
Measuring Instruments/ Medical
Energy Generation
SIC codes: 29, 32, 38, 49

John Raschko
(617) 626-1093
Other expertise: Energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, hazardous materials, hazardous waste management, chemical manufacturing, polymer/rubber manufacturing

Rubber and Plastics Product
SIC codes: 22, 26, 27, 283, 30,

Michelle Spitznagel
(617) 626-1065
Other expertise: Renewable energy technologies, coating operations, hazardous materials, underground storage tank regulation, and analytical laboratory work

For Other OTA-Related Needs, Contact:

Rich Bizzozero, OTA Director.
Areas of expertise include: TURA, policy development, training, regulatory compliance, toxics use reduction, pollution prevention. Industry specific knowledge: metal finishing, jewelry, textiles, plastics, industrial coatings. rich.bizzozero@state.ma.us (617) 626-1080

Maia Rodriguez-Semp, OTA Communications Coordinator.
Areas of expertise include: environmental and worker health and safety topics, environmental justice, communications, event planning, training & webinar development, qualitative research & evaluation, data management. maia.rodriguez-semp@state.ma.us (617) 626-1083

For This Project, Contact:

Tiffany Skogstrom, OTA Outreach & Policy Coordinator. Areas of expertise include: Grant administration, training, environmental health and worker exposures, environmental justice issues, community organizing, public health, climate change, chemical safety and emergency preparedness. Industry specific knowledge: Automotive, dry cleaners, personal care products, beauty and salon industry. tiffany.skogstrom@state.ma.us (617) 626-1086

This information provided by the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology.