• OTA Software Programs

    OTA has developed a number of software applications that can help facilities monitor operations, improve efficiency, reduce waste and comply with particular reporting requirements. Copies of this software are available for download.
  • Asthma Related Pivot Tables

  • Records (Updated: July 2006) links to Excel file

    Records - a spreadsheet for tracking the usage of chemicals for regulatory compliance and/or internal record keeping.
  • Degrease (Updated: April 1999)  xls format of Degrease (Updated: April 1999)

    A spreadsheet to document actual emissions from degreasers regulated under the U.S. EPA National Emissions Standards for Halogenated Solvent Cleaning.
  • Water Dissociable Nitrate (Updated: August 2001)  xls format of Water Dissociable Nitrate (Updated: August 2001)

    A spreadsheet to calculate estimated generation of water dissociable nitrate compounds from the neutralization of nitric acid. Water dissociable nitrate is reportable at or above threshold levels under the federal Emergency Planning Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA) and the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA).