OTA has developed a number of software applications that can help facilities monitor operations, improve efficiency, reduce waste and comply with particular reporting requirements. Copies of this software are available for download.

If you have questions or need assistance using these programs, please contact the Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance and Technology at (617) 626-1060. These programs may be used for any purpose but may not be reproduced without acknowledging the source. These programs are provided "as-is" without expressed or implied warranties. Because of the diversity of conditions under which these programs may be used, they may not meet your requirements. OTA specifically requests that users forward any comments or suggestions concerning these programs to this office maota@state.ma.us that we may continually improve its utility and application.

If you are unable to download these programs, or have any other questions or problems, contact OTA at (617) 626-1060.

This information is provided by the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology.