The Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (MassOTA) is offering the Right from the Start program to provide Massachusetts businesses with the technical and regulatory support needed to maximize environmental and economic performance. It is especially designed to encourage businesses seeking permits for expansion or start up of new manufacturing operations to consider pollution prevention and resource conservation while projects are still in the planning stage.  All MassOTA services are provided at no cost to Massachusetts businesses and are completely confidential.

Right from the Start offers:

  • MassOTA’s one-on-one and on-site technical assistance services, case studies and workshops on topical environmental/business issues (water conservation, resource recovery, energy efficiency, environmental justice and sustainable development).
  • Information on current regulatory requirements and access to training and business mentoring organizations (Toxics Use Reduction Institute on the UMass Lowell campus, Toxics Use Reduction Planners Association, Central Massachusetts Business Environmental Network).
  • Access to state and federal funding opportunities and other incentive programs, including industry grants from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute and state sponsored energy efficiency incentive programs from local utilities.
  • Free technical support for equipment evaluation.
  • Information on applied green chemistry practices, pollution prevention and cleaner production technologies.

The Right from the Start program is geared toward helping Massachusetts businesses design pollution out of the process before the construction/modification phase. While better environmental designs may require a higher initial investment, the long-term savings from reduced materials, labor and environmental liability costs often pay for themselves.

Through the Right from the Start program, MassOTA aims to reduce the business costs associated with environmental pollution or worker health and safety hazards, thereby improving the competitive advantage of Massachusetts companies.

For more information about Right from the Start and other MassOTA services, visit our website at or contact Tiffany Skogstrom at or 617-626-1086.


This information is provided by the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology