Massachusetts State government's comprehensive approach to achieving and maintaining environmental compliance typifies leading by example principles. All public agencies whose facilities have the potential to impact health and the environment including twenty-nine state/community colleges, all University of Massachusetts campuses, and four semi-public authorities participated in comprehensive multi-media corrective actions at hundreds of facilities across the state.

Massachusetts Regulations (not an exhaustive list)

Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries

Environmental Affairs CMR 300-399 (MA Trial Court Law Library)

301 CMR 11: Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)

301 CMR 12 pdf format of ACEC Regulations
  Renewable Energy Projects at State Agencies: A step-by-step Guide to Identifying, Planning and Funding Projects pdf format of 07_renewable_funding_guide.pdf
: Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)

310 CMR: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection - Code of Regulations

Matrix of Environmental Laws and Regulations (MassDEP website)

314 CMR: Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control - Code of Regulations

321 CMR: Division of Fisheries and Wildlife - Code of Regulations

322 CMR : Division of Marine Fisheries - Code of Regulations

333 CMR: Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources - Pesticide Regulations

527 CMR: Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention - Code of Regulations for Storage Tanks and Containers

Federal Regulations

40 CFR 112: Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans

40 CFR 370: SARA Tier I and Tier II reporting


Local Government

List of available online By-laws (MA Trial Court Library)

Buildout and Zoning maps (Contact: )

Guidance Documents

  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Agency Self-policing Policy
    Agencies with demonstrable self-policing programs are eligible to receive certain enforcement forbearance.
  • Audit Protocol Boilerplate pdf format of audit_protocol.pdf
    Draft document originally developed for the 1998 multi-media facility audit, which was conducted by third-party environmental consulting firms
  • Regulation Checklist pdf format of checklist_regulations.pdf
    Helpful as a starting point when planning to conduct a multi-media facility audit. The list is not intended to be exhaustive. Applicability of some or all of the listed regulations is dependent on the specific activities at each facility; agencies remain responsible for investigating and determining regulatory applicability.
  • MassHighway's Environmental Management System Manual
    A comprehensive guidance document detailing the compliance programs, staff roles and responsibilities, and best management practices that MassHighway uses to achieve and maintain environmental compliance. Contains self-audit checklists!

This information is provided by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Leading by Example Program