In order to track progress towards the targets set forth in Executive Order No. 484, the LBE program developed the Towards Our Targets: Measuring Progress on Executive Order 484 report.

This report tracks a decade of progress and achievements for a state portfolio that includes over 80 million of square feet of buildings, 3,000 vehicles, employs more than 85,000 people, and is made up of hospitals, college and university campuses, prisons, visitor centers, state parks, roads and tunnels, airports, dams, waste water treatment facilities, and dozens of other property types.

The report also highlights many of state government agency and campus accomplishments, ranging from specific improvements implemented at particular facilities to broader programs implemented across a broad portfolio of buildings and campuses.

The report uses energy, fiscal and project data from a variety of sources as well as examples of projects and programs to paint a picture of the hundreds, if not thousands of efforts that have been taken and continue to take place across an extraordinary diverse set of operations.

For more information on the Leading by Example: Towards Our Targets report, please download the progress report pdf format of Leading By Example Progress Report
file size 3MB.

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EO 484 Targets


Golals - EO484 graph
EO 484 directed state government to reduce its GHG emissions by 25 percent, cut energy consumption (per square foot and weather normalized) at state facilities by 20 percent, and increase use of renewable energy to 15 percent of all state government electricity consumption by 2012

GHG Emissions

Progress GHG emissions graph
Overall GHG emissions have decreased 26 percent from the LBE Baseline through FY14, reducing overall emissions by some 329,785 metric tons

Energy Usage Intensity

Progress - energy usage intensity graph
Overall EUI (kBtu/SF) number (rounded) from FY04 (the Baseline) for 43 of the LBE partners


Renewable and Onsite Generation


Progress - renewable & onsite generation graph
In FY14, with a total electricity consumption of 1.4 billion kWh, 216 million kWh were generated by on-site renewable power (green bar) and CHP (purple bar), just over 20% of state government’s total electricity consumption. Red line represents EO 484 Target for FY14, 289.47 million.


Oil Consumption at State Facilities

Heating Oil Consumption from FY06 to FY2015
Overall heating oil consumption has decreased over 78% since FY06


Solar PV Installations


Progress - solar PV graph
Solar PV installations at state facilities have increased from less than 100kW in 2006 to over 21MW through December 2016, equivalent to the electricity usage of 3, 216 Massachusetts homes.

LEED Buildings

Progress - LEED buildings graph



MA State LEED Buildings List  pdf format of MA State LEED Buildings List


Avoided Costs

Progress - BAU analysis graph

An analysis of actual fuel costs as compared to the Business as Usual (BAU) costs shows a variance between $42 million to $59 million in FY14 for building energy consumption. Avoided energy costs shown in millions of dollars.