• 220 CMR 25.00 links to PDF file

    Billing and Termination Procedures of the Department of Public Utilities
  • 220 CMR 26.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 26.00

    Security Deposits and Late Payment Charges Applicable to Non-Residential Customers
  • 220 CMR 27.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 27.00

    Elimination of the Practice of Gas and Electric Companies of Requiring a Deposit from Residential Customers as a Condition to Furnishing Utility Service
  • 220 CMR 28.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 28.00

    Billing Regulations for Condominiums
  • 220 CMR 29.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 29.00

    Billing Procedures for Residential Rental Property Owners Cited for Violation of the State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 410.354 or CMR 410.254
  • 220 CMR 30.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 30.00

    Requiring Private Investor Owned Electric Companies Operating within the Commonwealth to Adopt Rate Structures based on Peak Load and Time Differential Pricing and Relating Costing Methodologies
  • 220 CMR 31.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 31.00

    Optional Formula for Determining Allowed Rates of Return on Equity for Water Companies
  • 220 CMR 36.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 36.00

    Sample Test Procedures for New Residential and Small Commercial Gas Meters
  • 220 CMR 45.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 45.00

    Pole Attachment, Duct, Conduit and Right-of-way Complaint and Enforcement Procedures

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