• 220 CMR 50.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 50.00

    Uniform System of Accounts for Gas Companies
  • 220 CMR 51.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 51.00

    Uniform System of Accounts for Electric Companies
  • 220 CMR 52.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 52.00

    Uniform System of Accounts for Water Companies
  • 220 CMR 69.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 69.00

    Procedures for the Determination of Violations of Codes Adopted by the Department of Public Utilities Pertaining to the Safety of Pipeline Facilities and the Transportation of Gas and for Enforcement of Said Codes; Minimum Safety Standards for Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities; Minimum Safety Standards for Gas Piping Systems
  • 220 CMR 75.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 75.00

    The Preservation of Records of Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • 220 CMR 77.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 77.00

    Voting Trust Certificates of Public Utilities
  • 220 CMR 78.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 78.00

    Accounting Treatment of Investment Tax Credit for Utilities
  • 220 CMR 79.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 79.00
file size 4MB

    Annual Return Form to be Filed by Gas and Electric Companies and Municipal Lighting Plants
  • 220 CMR 99.00  pdf format of 220 CMR 99.00

    Procedures for the Determination and Enforcement of Violations of M.G.L. c. 82, §§ 40 through 40E ("Dig Safe")

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