• Massachusetts Ocean Resource Information System (MORIS)

    MORIS can be used to search and display spatial data pertaining to the Massachusetts coastal zone. Users can interactively view various data layers (e.g., tide gauge stations, marine protected areas, access points, eelgrass beds, etc.) over a backdrop of aerial photographs, political boundaries, natural resources, human uses, bathymetry, or other data.
  • Natural Heritage Program Geographic Information Systems

    The Geographic Information Systems section of the Natural Heritage Program deals with the capture, analysis, and display of rare species, natural community, and habitat information. With two full-time staff persons, this section collaborates closely on projects with the DFWELE GIS Program. The GIS section also cooperates closely with MassGIS.
  • Geospatial Data Management and Online Map Assistance

    The Commonwealth's Office of Geographic and Environmental Information, also known as MassGIS, is a part of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). Through MassGIS, the Commonwealth has created a comprehensive, statewide database of spatial information for environmental planning and management. MassGIS is the official state agency assigned to the collection, storage and dissemination of geographic data.
  • Online Mapping

    You can explore MassGIS data online using OLIVER or browser-based mapping applications
  • Strategic Plan for Spatial Data

    The Strategic Plan for Massachusetts' Spatial Data Infrastructure presents a vision for a coordinated approach to spatial information use in Massachusetts. The strategic plan compiles information about the status of GIS in Massachusetts, describes a vision for spatial data infrastructure, and provides eight recommendations for the development and maintenance of the four most widely used and important map "layers" in this shared infrastructure.
  • Massachusetts Conservation Mapping Assistance Partnership Program

    MACMAPP is a partnership program between GIS software vendor Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), MassGIS, and the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs (EEA). Through this program, conservation nonprofit organizations and municipal conservation commissions can obtain the latest ArcView GIS software from ESRI along with training and documentation. In addition, GIS data is available MassGIS. EEA provides overall coordination for the program, from reviewing applications to providing training in creating and using open space data.

  • Maps and Atlases

    Links to access or order many of the maps provided by EEA's agencies and programs.