Online ArcView Tutorials

The documentation included with ArcView contains detailed tutorials; these use data that is optionally installed with the software as ArcTutor. Some of these tutorials have movies that should be helpful to new software users. You can find tutorials the the Essentials Library in the ArcGIS Help system. Tutorials are also available in the on-line Help at the ArcGIS Resource Center. The Editing tutorial will be useful when you start compiling OpenSpace data.

Instructor-led EEA Training Workshops

** Please note that the EEA MACMAPP training workshop is NOT for people who have never used ArcView. Familiarity with the basics of the software are a prerequisite for the training workshop. **

The EEA instructor-led training workshop is a one-day class, running from 9:00 to 5:00. Trainings are scheduled in summer and during school breaks at Westfield State College, Salem State College, and Bristol Community College in Fall River. Typically, two or more alternate dates will be proposed via e-mail and the response to that e-mail will determine the scheduled dates of the training.

A very large amount of material must be covered during this training if attendees hope to leave with a working knowledge of ArcGIS. This training needs to be very fast-paced, and therefore all attendees must have a reasonable grasp of the material presented in Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, the ESRI Press book that ESRI shipped with the software. The training will include hands-on exercises that reflect tasks typically done by environmental management and conservation groups. Please come to the training with questions that you have from working with the software; this is a great chance to get answers and your questions will help others in the class.

Morning: Afternoon:
- GIS basics - Editing
- ArcCatalog basics - Working with tables
- ArcMap basics - Map layouts
- Selecting features / SQL - Metadata

Additional topics can be covered if people are interested; possibilities include on-screen digitizing and using GPS data. Again, please come with questions.

At this time, we are limiting attendees to three people per organization. These trainings will continue to be scheduled, and additional staff may possibly attend in the future as space permits. Training at an advanced level may be scheduled if there is sufficient demand.

See a list of MACMAPP Training Workshops . Workshops are held at:

The exact location of the training room, with directions and parking information, will be sent via e-mail to registered attendees in the week before the scheduled training.

Additional Free GIS Training

There are many on-line resources for learning ArcView, including a course developed by the National Park Service.

MIT's OpenCourseWare includes some classes on GIS including the following two courses, although please note that these are best for learning about concepts of GIS but they do NOT use the current version of your software:

ESRI provides some free on-line training. Some of this is very specialized and some is the introductory unit of an on-line course.

Contact Information

Please contact one of the following at EEA for more information: