• living with wildlife
    • Wildlife Rehabilitation
      Know what to do if you find sick or injured wildlife.
    • Wildlife as Pets
      Can I keep a skunk as a pet? Do I need a permit to keep my wolf when I move to Massachusetts? The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife fields these and similar questions from people with an interest in keeping some kind of wild or exotic wildlife as a pet.

    • Report Rare Species
      The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program begins all its conservation efforts with actual observations of vulnerable species and priority natural communities. These observations come from a wide variety of sources--university researchers, local naturalists, consultants, NHESP staff, survey volunteers, and the general public-which is why thorough documentation is necessary for inclusion into our database.
    • Wildlife Fact Sheets Library
      Wildlife fact sheets and articles available as PDFs.
    • Moving Wildlife
      Though people don't intend any harm, there are consequences to moving wildlife elsewhere. Some of these consequences affect both wildlife and other people.
    • Finding Young Wildlife
      What should you do if you find a fawn? a cub? Get some tips on the best actions to take.
    • Preventing Conflicts with Wildlife
      Prevent and resolve problems with wildlife in your home, on your property, or in your neighborhood.
    • PAC Agents and Districts
      Understand the role of a Problem Animal Control (PAC) Agent and find licensed individuals who handle specific nuisance wildlife problems on your property.
    • Wildlife Laws and Regulations

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