For Immediate Release - October 10, 2012

Governor Patrick Announces $267 Million Investment in Energy and Environment as Part of 2013 Capital Plan

October 10, 2012 – Governor Deval Patrick has announced $267 million in capital funds for energy and environment projects and programs, furthering the Patrick-Murray Administration’s commitment to investing in protecting our natural resources in Massachusetts.

“These investments will ensure that we continue on the path to economic recovery by laying the foundation for long-term growth,” said Governor Patrick. “By investing in education, infrastructure and innovation we are creating jobs and building a better and brighter Commonwealth for the next generation.”

“As we continue to support the Commonwealth’s long-term economic growth and sustainability, our Administration is committed to making strategic investments that will yield positive results now and in the future,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “The projects in the capital plan will help improve the state’s infrastructure and continue to create significant new jobs in regions across the state.”

The Capital Investment Plan seeks to reverse decades of underinvestment, create jobs and improve the Commonwealth’s economic future by supporting public assets – classrooms and academic buildings, roads and bridges, and public housing. The plan also invests in the Commonwealth's innovation industries to create thousands of jobs and set the stage for future economic growth.

“This updated five-year capital investment plan continues the Patrick-Murray Administration’s commitment to rebuilding our public infrastructure and making targeted investments to support economic growth,” said Secretary of Administration and Finance Jay Gonzalez.  “Our ability to make these critical investments is a function of our fiscally responsible finance plan and the low-cost financing available to us thanks to the Commonwealth having its highest-ever credit ratings under the Patrick-Murray Administration.”

“Under this plan, we are investing in innovation, helping Massachusetts become more energy dependent and helping to create jobs,” said Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Rick Sullivan. “These investments also make a significant commitment to protecting our natural resources, ensuring that the people of the Commonwealth can enjoy our state forests, parks, farms, and wildlife for generations to come.”

Investing in the Commonwealth’s Energy and Environment

The energy and environment investments made in the FY13-17 Capital Plan focus on the Administration’s goal of reducing our environmental impact in a responsible manner. Highlights include:

  • $1.75 million for a four-year initiative to revitalize Heritage Parks, primarily located in urban areas, that provide exhibits and historic information with an emphasis on the industrial history of the communities in which they are located;
  • A $1.25 million investment in the nationally recognized river and wetland restoration program for the Department of Fish and Game expected to leverage an additional $5 million in federal and private funds and create over 75 jobs per year;
  • Final design and initial construction of a headquarters building for the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife in Westborough. This will replace current outdated and overcrowded facilities and will be one of the Commonwealth’s first net zero energy buildings.

Since 2006, the Patrick-Murray Administration’s conservation efforts have protected more than 100,000 acres of open space at an investment cost of over $287 million.  This legacy of land conservation is protecting our drinking water, sustaining communities’ character, providing children with a place to play, conserving forests and natural habitat and supporting jobs in forestry, farming and tourism.

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