For Immediate Release - June 21, 2013

State Wildlife Officials Present Governor Francis W. Sargent Conservation Award to Mike Moss of Sutton

BOURNE – Friday, June 21, 2013 – The Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife Board today awarded Mike Moss, President of the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council and lifelong resident of Sutton, the Governor Francis W. Sargent Conservation Award for his contributions to the sporting community and conservation of the Commonwealth’s natural resources.

Moss is the 10th recipient of the award, which was established in 2000 by the Fisheries and Wildlife Board. The Sargent Award is named after the former governor and noted conservationist who directed the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) in 1963 and 1964.

Moss received the award, a hand-carved wooden loon decoy created by Geoff Walker of Hank Walker Decoys of Newbury, at a ceremony held at the Worcester Surf Casting Club in Bourne.

“Mike Moss has been a tireless advocate for sportsmen and women in Massachusetts,” said Fisheries and Wildlife Board Chairman George Darey. “He is one of the most actively involved sportsmen in clubs and sporting organizations I’ve known and his service to clubs is a model for sportsmen and women.”

An avid hunter and fisherman in New England and Canada, Moss has been a passionate and involved member in sportsmen’s organizations since his was a teenager. Moss is currently the President of the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council, a post he has held for the past 18 years.

He serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association and is also President of the Worcester Fish & Game Club. Moss has been a member, delegate or officer in numerous sporting clubs and organizations including the Singletary Rod and Gun Club, Webster Fish and Game Club, Worcester County League of Sportsmen, Worcester Surf Casting Club, Canal Sportsmen’s Club and the Massachusetts Bowhunters Association.

In addition to the Fisheries and Wildlife Board who selected Moss for the award, Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Commissioner Mary Griffin, MassWildlife Director Wayne MacCallum, state officials and representatives from the sporting and conservation community were also in attendance.

“Mike Moss is a great leader for the community of sportsmen and women in Massachusetts, working hard as a determined advocate on issues important to hunters and anglers,” said Commissioner Griffin, whose department includes MassWildlife. “He supports outdoor skills education for people of all ages and skill levels, particularly young people in Worcester through fishing derbies he has organized and adult women through the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council’s support of the Becoming an Outdoorswoman program.”

“For many years, Mike Moss has been a staunch protector of sportsmen’s interests,” said Director MacCallum. “Through the Sportsmen’s Council, Mike has actively engaged with legislators and state and federal agencies on proposed sporting laws or actions to ensure the continuation of hunting, fishing and trapping traditions in Massachusetts.”

Honoring the efforts of other sportsmen and women, Moss actively sought to recognize their contributions by naming boating access sites and sporting properties on both public and private lands. He also instituted the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council’s most prestigious award, the Raymond L. Gribbons Scholarship, in honor of the longtime Worcester County sportsman, outdoor writer and mentor to Moss.

DFG is responsible for promoting the conservation and enjoyment of the Commonwealth's natural resources. DFG carries out this mission through land protection and wildlife habitat management, management of inland and marine fish and wildlife species, and ecological restoration of fresh water, salt water and terrestrial habitats. DFG promotes enjoyment of the Massachusetts environment through outdoor skills workshops, fishing festivals and other educational programs, and by enhancing access to the Commonwealth's rivers, lakes and coastal waters.