For Immediate Release - June 03, 2011

State Wildlife Officials Declare June 4 - 5 Free Fishing Weekend

Media Advisory

Officials at the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game (DFG) are encouraging state residents to get on the water and go fishing this weekend to take advantage of the annual free fishing weekend when anglers aren't required to purchase freshwater or saltwater fishing permits to fish in any of the Commonwealth's fresh or saltwater waterways.

"Free fishing weekend is a great opportunity for adults and kids to enjoy tremendous fishing opportunities here in Massachusetts, and to really get out and experience the great outdoors," said DFG Commissioner Mary Griffin. "We especially encourage people who have not tried fishing before to try something new or those who haven't fished in a long time to to take up the hobby again. It's a great activity for the whole family."

Adults wishing to fish recreationally in state marine waters beyond June 4 and 5 are required to possess a Massachusetts recreational saltwater fishing permit - unless fishing under the authority of a recreational license from New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Connecticut.

The purchase of a recreational saltwater or freshwater fishing permit directly funds improvements to fishing access projects and other programs that support recreational fishing and fishing management and research efforts across the state.

For information about free fishing in saltwater contact Matt Ayer at DFG's Division of Marine Fisheries at (978) 282-0308 ext 107 or For freshwater fishing, contact Jim Lagacy at DFG's Division of Fisheries and Wildlife at (508) 389-6309 or