• Planning Assistance Grants

    The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) is offering Massachusetts municipalities technical assistance to improve their land use practices.  Through the following procurement EEA makes available grant funding to the Commonwealth’s municipalities and Regional Planning Agencies in support of their efforts to plan, regulate (zone), and act to conserve and develop land consistent with the Massachusetts Sustainable Development Principles.

    FY 17 Planning Assistance RFR III pdf format of FY 17 Planning Assistance RFR III

    Planning Grant Question and Answer  pdf format of Planning Grant Question and Answer
docx format of                             Planning Grant Question and Answer

  • Smart Growth / Smart Energy Policies

    Smart Growth and Smart Energy policies at the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) recognize the interconnection between land use, energy, and transportation policies.
  • MA Smart Growth/ Smart Energy Toolkit

    The Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit provides local officials and other stakeholders the tools to change local zoning in ways that encourage the siting of renewable energy facilities, conserve land, and enhance stewardship of natural resources. Toolkit modules include narratives, model bylaws, case studies, slideshows and resource links on mill revitalization, smart energy, wind power, environmental equity, smart parking, wastewater alternatives, form-based codes, and fifteen other techniques.
  • Low Impact Development

    Low Impact Development is an approach to environmentally friendly land use planning that include landscaping and design techniques that attempt to maintain the natural, pre-developed ability of a site to manage rainfall and recharge groundwater.
  • Community Preservation Act (CPA)

    Links and more information about the Massachusetts CPA, an innovative tool for communities to address important community needs and finance specific acquisitions and initiatives.
  • Environmental Stewardship (MassDEP)

    MassDEP provides information and resources about Environmental Management Systems, Smart Growth, and Energy Conservation. Municipal facilities and operations can have a significant impact on the community's environment and the health of its residents and employees.