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Land Protection 2007-2010

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Winter 2010

The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and its agencies took action to permanently protect more than 75,000 acres of land - the equivalent of 54 acres per day - since 2007. By increasing land spending to $50 million annually, focusing on three key land priorities, and enhancing conservation partnerships the stage was set for a renaissance in land conservation and park creation. More than 114 parks have been created or restored, many in underserved neighborhoods in the Commonwealth's 51 cities. These parks provide a new or improved place for outdoor recreation for an anticipated 1 million visits per year, more than half of these to the newly created parks. In addition, of the acres conserved more than 14,000 have been pristine habitat within the ten Habitat Reserves among the best large natural landscapes left in the state.

In 2010, EEA actions resulted in the protection of 16,478 acres through 375 separate land and park projects. Expenditure of $53.2 million in state and federal funds on 215 projects protected 11,657 acres and created or renovated 34 parks through grants, fee purchases, and conservation and agricultural preservation restrictions. An additional 4,821 acres were preserved through 160 EEA approved conservation restrictions.

2010 Acres Preserved

Via Expenditure: 11,657

Via Restrictions: 4,821
TOTAL: 16,478

Full details of these statewide conservation achievements are available in the PDF of the 2010 Land Protection Report listed above. The report spotlights specific projects across the Commonwealth, describes agency-by-agency projects, and details historical land conservation data.