2011 Land Protection Report Cover
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Spring 2012

In Fiscal Year 2011, EEA actions resulted in the protection of 12,953 acres through 311 different land, park and conservation restriction projects. Expenditure of $51.1 million in state and federal funds on 185 projects protected 7,999 acres and created or renovated 36 parks through grants, fee purchases, and conservation and agricultural preservation restrictions. An additional 4,954 acres were preserved through 126 EEA-approved conservation restrictions.

2011 Acres Preserved:

Via Expenditure:7,999
Via Restrictions:4,954

In August 2007, a historic commitment to land preservation was made, pledging at least $50 million annually - a 62 percent increase over yearly land protection spending during the previous four years, and a 34 percent increase over spending each year from 1999 to 2007. Primary funding for state land conservation programs comes from the $1.7 billion Energy and Environment Bond Bill passed by the Legislature and signed in August 2008.

Full details of these statewide conservation achievements are available in the PDF of the 2011 Land Protection Report listed above. The report spotlights specific projects across the Commonwealth, describes agency-by-agency projects, and details historical land conservation data.