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  • Boating Licenses & Safety

    The Boat and Recreation Safety Bureau coordinates boating and recreational vehicle safety programs throughout the Commonwealth. Our boating safety training course, called "Boat Massachusetts", addresses fundamental safety concepts and emphasizes the operator's legal and ethical responsibilities. It targets the boating novice, especially young boaters (12 through 15 years of age), who are required by state law to complete such a course in order to operate a motorboat without adult supervision. Additionally, safety and legal demonstrations are offered to groups of boaters, snowmobile riders, and off-highway vehicle users, with programs tailored to a group's particular needs.  The Bureau is also responsible for the investigation of all motorboat and recreational vehicle accidents that cause substantial property damage, serious injuries, or fatalities.

  • Non motorized Boating

  • Canoeing and Kayaking

  • Sailing Greater Boston

  • Motor Boating

    All motorized boats must be registered with the Massachusetts Environmental Police, Bureau of Registration and Titling.
  • Boat Massachusetts Course Information

    Learn about BOAT MASSACHUSETTS, certification requirements, study materials, and course listings.

  • Boat Ramps and Public Landings

  • Pumpout Facilities

    Boat pumpout facilities provide a convenient way to properly dispose of boat sewage. Many of the more than 100 pumpouts in Massachusetts are pumpout boats. These vessels have the capacity to bring the pumpout to the boater, providing added convenience.
  • Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide

    The Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide is designed as a reference for owners and operators of marine boating facilities, collectively referred to throughout this document as "marinas." It provides information on cost-effective strategies and practices aimed at reducing marina and boating impacts on the coastal environment.
  • Boat Ramps & Access

  • Fish & Boating Events & Permits