• Hunter Education

    The Hunter Education Program is a public education effort providing instruction in the safe handling of firearms and other outdoor activities related to hunting and firearm use.
  • Hunting Laws and Regulations

    Sportsmen and women can find all regulations pertaining to their activities, landowners can find out information about nuisance animals, developers and environmental firms may find links to the endangered species list and review process.
  • Hunting License, Stamp & Permits

    If you wish to hunt the listed game species below, there are permit, sticker or stamp requirements to follow. Applications, fees and deadlines for specific game species are found either on your hunting license or duplicate certificate.
  • Game Species

    Here you will find information relating to the various species which may be hunted in Massachusetts.
  • Hunting Harvest Information

  • Trapping Information

    Information on trapping furbearers in Massachusetts, including education, licensing and best management practices.
  • Trapping Regulations