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  • Public Access to Wetland Notices of Intent

    The Wetland Notices of Intent Public Access Site has been designed to provide public access to Wetland Notices of Intent (NOI) file numbers and comments from DEP’s Regional Wetlands staff through the DEP web site. The information on the site is updated the day prior to your viewing.

  • Septic Systems and Title 5

    Who regulates septic systems, what is a septic system, what is maximum feasible compliance, and more.

  • Electronics Recycling

    Unwanted consumer electronics - cell and smart phones, computers and monitors, televisions, DVD and MP3 players, pagers, PDAs and other devices - are the fastest-growing category of waste in Massachusetts. Until recently, Bay Staters were discarding an average of more than 900,000 units annually, but that number has increased due to the federally-mandated transition to digital television broadcasting. If you own an analog TV, there is no need to replace it right away. You can extend its useful life by purchasing a digital converter box.

  • Recycling in My Community

    Nearly all Massachusetts cities and towns offer their residents the opportunity to recycle. Learn more about recycling and hazardous household product management opportunities and programs in or near your community.