Tracking the State's Carbon Footprint

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DOER has completed the Commonwealths' Massachusetts CO2 Inventory xls format of ma-co2-inv.xls
 ( PDF version pdf format of ma-co2-inv.pdf
). The Administration has made a strong commitment to addressing global warming by tracking our state's total carbon footprint (tracking all energy sources). Check back often to learn more about the state's carbon reduction activities. Email us to provide feedback/suggestions.

Links to Massachusetts Programs/Initiatives

  • MA RGGI: Department of Environmental Protection's Climate Change Information


225 CMR 13.00, DOER CO 2 Budget Trading Program Auction Regulation

  • 225 CMR 13.00 establishes rules for the conduct of auctions of CO 2 allowances to be administered by the Department of Energy Resources or its agent as part of the Massachusetts component of the CO 2 Budget Trading Program, which is designed to stabilize and then reduce anthropogenic emissions of CO 2, a greenhouse gas, from CO 2 budget sources in an economically efficient manner that minimizes costs to electricity consumers. This regulation complements the provisions of the Department of Environmental Protection regulation, 310 CMR 7.70.

To view and download this regulation, click here pdf format of rggi-auction-reg-final.pdf