• Toxics Use Reduction Program

    The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) oversees the Toxics Use Reduction Program. The Program's organizational components include the Toxics Use Reduction Administrative Council, Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council, the TURA program partners and the Science Advisory Board. EEA is the primary source for information pertaining to the Toxics Use Reduction Act and its Amendments.
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  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

    Effective January 2, 2015, new MassDEP Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulations (310 CMR 80.00) address the registration, installation, operation, maintenance, closure and inspection of UST systems used to store petroleum fuels and hazardous substances. The UST program is a major component of the state's groundwater resource protection efforts.

    The Massachusetts Legislature transferred most responsibility for UST regulation from the Department of Fire Services (DFS) to MassDEP in 2009. The new MassDEP rules replace DFS regulations at 527 CMR 9.00, which were rescinded on January 1, 2015, although the fundamentals of the program, including most basic DFS requirements, remain the same. MassDEP has also incorporated recent federal requirements and added new provisions to ensure that UST systems are properly installed, operated and maintained; that leaks and spills are prevented and contained; that UST systems and components found to be leaking or not working properly are repaired or replaced; and any resulting environmental damage is limited, assessed and cleaned up. Learn more about the new MassDEP regulations.
  • Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA)

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