• TURA Overview & Progress

    The Toxics Use Reduction Program was established in 1990 and has continuously helped Massachusetts businesses reduce the use of toxic chemicals and conserve other resources, such as energy, water and waste. Information on the program, including current data and other notable achievements can be found on this page.
  • MassDEP Toxics Use Reduction Program

    Massachusetts companies that use large quantities of specific toxic chemicals are required to evaluate and plan for pollution prevention opportunities, implement them if practical, and report their results annually to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).
  • TURA Program Regulations

    The Toxics Use Reduction Act was amended in 2006. Links to the amended Toxics Use Reduction Act and links to related EEA and MassDEP regulations are located on this page.
  • TURA Events & Updates

    Important TURA program news and events, such as regulatory updates, meeting announcements, public hearing notices, and new publications will be posted here.
  • The Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction

    Picture of the Administrative Council
    The Administrative Council is the governing body of the TURA program and is responsible for program policy oversight. The six-member council is chaired by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Matthew A. Beaton; and is charged with coordinating state enforcement of laws and regulations on chemical use and toxic waste generation, implementing policies that promote worker health and safety, and safeguarding public health.
  • Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council

    The Advisory Committee to the Administrative Council is composed of fifteen stakeholders that provide the Council with a forum for discussing TURA implementation issues. The fifteen members include representation of environmental advocacy, public health, labor, industry and the general public. Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs.
  • TURA Program Structure

    TURA Org chart
    Every company that uses toxics in the Commonwealth has access to three state organizations that can help them identify alternatives and comply with the requirements of the Act. The three implementing agencies of the TURA program are: the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) TURA program, the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology (OTA), and the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI). In addition, the Science Advisory Board works closely with TURI.
  • TURA Program Comments

    If you have comments or suggestions for the TURA program, Administrative Council, Advisory Committee, or TUR Program partners you can complete the form on the Comments page or send an email to Massachusetts-Office-of-Technical-Assistance@state.ma.us.
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    Find links to Toxics Use Reduction related information, programs, and services.
  • TURA Program Accomplishments

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