• Septic Systems/Title 5

    Guidance, policies, regulations, frequently asked questions, fact sheets and other reference materials relative to conventional septic systems and innovative or alternative wastewater treatment systems.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Listings of treatment plants, tools and resources for operators, and information about operator training.

  • Sewer Systems

    Managing combined sewer overflows and regulating sewer systems in Massachusetts.

  • Industrial Wastewater

    MassDEP regulates the discharge, treatment, and storage of industrial wastewater to protect water resources in the Commonwealth. 

  • Nonpoint Source Pollution

    Identifying, controlling, and managing pollution from natural or agricultural runoff, precipitation, drainage, seepage, or other non-specific sources.

  • Residuals & Biosolids

    The beneficial reuse of biosolids in Massachusetts through land application, typically as fertilizer or soil conditioner depending on the type of biosolid generated. 

  • Stormwater

    Stormwater pollution, especially in developed urban areas is a leading cause of water quality degradation in U.S. rivers, lakes, streams, and other surface waters. Water quality problems associated with nonpoint sources of pollution, particularly stormwater, are being addressed by federal mandates that affect all states.
  • Energy Resources for Water/Wastewater Utilities  doc format of Energy Resources for Water

    A list and links to information and resources useful for water and wastewater utilities Interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy.