Ten Mile watershed map
The Ten Mile River Watershed is located in southeastern Massachusetts and a small portion of northeastern Rhode Island. It is the smallest of the 27 major watersheds in Massachusetts with a total drainage area of approximately 54 square miles. The watershed encompasses

The Ten Mile River originates from its headwaters in the Town of Plainville, meanders south along the Massachusetts and Rhode Island border before ultimately emptying into the Seekonk and Providence Rivers of Narragansett Bay.

The Ten Mile River picks up flow from two major tributaries, the Seven Mile River and the Bungay River, located in Attleboro. The Bungay River, whose headwaters extend into Foxborough, is flanked by the best red maple swamp habitat in Massachusetts and provides some of the best canoeing across the state. The upper reaches of the Seven Mile River and Four Mile Brook are classified as Outstanding Resource Waters, Class A.

Watershed Priorities

  • Kayaking on the Ten Mile River
    Restore the quality of the rivers and ponds through the identification and minimization of pollution from point and nonpoint sources
  • Build a sense of stewardship within the watershed community
  • Improve fish passage and flood control through the assessment of potential impacts of removing physical obstructions and other barriers
  • Articulate a clear land conservation vision and action plan to protect significant natural resources and develop a regional greenbelt

Watershed Success

The Department of Conservation and Recreation has provided financial and technical support to the Ten Mile River Watershed Association and Attleboro Land Trust to help build trails at Larson Woodlands.

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