• Dam Removal Permit Streamlining

    In 2007 EEA developed a guidance document that provides greater clarity to dam removal.
  • Dam Safety

    The Office of Dam Safety maintains records of dams located throughout the Commonwealth, ensures compliance with acceptable practices pertaining to dam inspection, maintenance, operation and repair of dams.
  • Estuaries

    Information and resources provided by MassDEP about estuaries.
  • Lakes, Rivers and Ponds

    Information and resources provided by MassDEP.
  • Index Streamflows and the Stress Basin Methodology

    Index streamflows were developed for Massachusetts' rivers to represent average seasonal flows and protect aquatic habitats.
  • Low Impact Development

    Low Impact Development is an approach to environmentally friendly land use planning that include landscaping and design techniques that attempt to maintain the natural, pre-developed ability of a site to manage rainfall and recharge groundwater.
  • Mass Bays Program

    The Massachusetts Bays Program is a partnership of citizens, communities, and government that strives to protect and enhance the coastal health and heritage of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays.
  • Division of Ecological Restoration

    The Division of Ecological Restoration (DER), in the Department of Fish & Game, coordinates ecological restoration to improve habitat for fish and wildlife and to restore important ecosystem services that improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts citizens.
  • Waterways

    Information and resources provided by MassDEP on Chapter 91 and waterways.
  • Wetlands Protection

    Information and resources on wetlands from MassDEP.