• Sustainable Water Management Initiative: Final Framework

    The Sustainable Water Management Initiative framework describes the methodology for defining Safe Yield in each of the Massachusetts’ 27 watersheds, as well as how stream flow criteria will be applied by the Department of Environmental Protection when issuing Water Management Act permits

  • Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee

    One goal of the effort is to inform MassDEP in its implementation of the Water Management Act and its new determination of Safe Yield. They will also examine application of the new methodology to other water-related statutes and requirements, including possible incentives for integrated water management programs at the regional and municipal level. Meetings of the Advisory Committee are scheduled monthly.
  • Sustainable Water Management Technical SubCommittee

    To ensure the recommendations of the Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee employ a practical, science-based method to protect and sustainably manage water resources, EEA and its agencies have formed a Technical Subcommittee to review the current science regarding these issues and provide support to the Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee. The Technical Subcommittee will meet monthly.
  • Other Workgroups

    Other workgroups form on an as needed basis to focus attention on particular subjects. These groups meet outside of the regular Advisory Committee and Technical Subcommittee meetings. Information on meeting schedules, materials provided, etc may be found here.
  • Resources for Sustainable Water Management

    Meeting calendars, minutes of each meeting, and the materials provided to participants are posted on the Resources page of each group, by date. If you need assistance accessing these materials or have other questions contact John.Clarkeson@State.MA.US .