The Sustainable Water Management Initiative framework describes the methodology for defining Safe Yield in each of the Massachusetts’ 27 watersheds, as well as how stream flow criteria will be applied by the Department of Environmental Protection when issuing Water Management Act permits

MassDEP is currently offering financial assistance to communities for planning and mitigation. Grant funds are available, providing incentives for minimization of existing impacts and mitigation of withdrawal impacts at the regional and municipal level.

Sustainable Water Management: Comment Letters Received

Many comments were received during the development of the framework and they are posted below.  In addition, MassDEP sought peer reviews of the study conducted by the US Geological Survey ( Factors Influencing Riverine Fish Assemblages in Massachusetts pdf format of    Factors Influencing MA Riverine Fish Assemblages  file size 2MB ) that examined the relationship between groundwater withdrawals and fluvial fish abundance in Massachusetts and was used as the basis for the SWMI framework’s proposed Streamflow Criteria.. 

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