Secretary Ian Bowles of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has created the Sustainable Water Management Advisory Committee comprised of a wide range of stakeholders and staffed by environmental agencies from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Fish and Game, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Working with the Water Management Act Advisory Committee and the Water Resources Commission, the Advisory Committee will advise EEA and its agencies on the development of a water allocation program that examines contributing causes and solutions to satisfying water needs while recognizing ecological issues such as low streamflow.

One goal of the effort is to inform MassDEP's implementation of the Water Management Act and its new determination of Safe Yield, and to examine application of the new methodology to other water-related statutes and requirements, including possible incentives for integrated water management programs at the regional and municipal level.

Meetings of the Advisory Committee are scheduled monthly. Agendas, handouts, presentations and meeting summaries will be posted here. For additional information contact Kathleen Baskin, Director of Water Policy at EEA at