• Massachusetts Water Policy (2004)

    Striking a balance between the needs for water by humans and our natural environment is the goal of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs' (EEA) water policies. EEA's Water Policy team implements the Massachusetts Water Policy, established in 2004, through various projects at EEA and our agencies.
  • Low Impact Development

    Low Impact Development is an approach to environmentally friendly land use planning that include landscaping and design techniques that attempt to maintain the natural, pre-developed ability of a site to manage rainfall and recharge groundwater.
  • Water Laws & Regulations

    Links to laws and regulations that protect the water resources of the Commonwealth.
  • Water Policies & Guidelines

    Links to water policies and guidance documents specific to the protection of the water resources on the Commonwealth.
  • Water Laws & Rules (DEP)

    A comprehensive set of state laws and regulations related to water from MassDEP.
  • Watershed Land Management Plans at DCR

    The Division of Water Supply Protection is continuously planning to maintain the quality of the metropolitan Boston drinking water supply.