• Water Management Act

    An act that regulates and registers water withdrawals in the Commonwealth.
  • Interbasin Transfer Act  pdf format of Interbasin Transfer Act

    Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 21: Section 8 establishes the Division of Water Resources in the Department of Conservation and Recreation and sets up the Interbasin Transfer Act.
  • Water Resources Commission Enabling Act

    M.G.L. Ch. 21A, Sections 8B-8D of the Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.)
  • Chapter 21: Section 16 (M.G.L.)

    Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 21: Section 16 and 313 CMR 3.00 regulate the well drilling industry protecting ground water and consumers.
  • Executive Order #149 links to Text file

    Executive Order #149 provides for state coordination and participation with the Federal government in the National Flood Insurance Act.
  • Chapter 132A: Section 13 (M.G.L.)

    Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 132A and 313 CMR 5.00 establish the Ocean Sanctuaries Act.
  • Oceans Act of 2008

    Oceans Act, Chapter 114 of the Acts of 2008 requires Massachusetts to develop a first-in-the-nation comprehensive plan to manage development in state waters.
  • Wetlands Protection Act

    Chapter 131: Section 40 (M.G.L.) provides protection for the wetlands, inland and coastal, of the Commonwealth.
  • Public Waterfront Act

    Chapter 91 (M.G.L.) creates the waterways licensing program, the Commonwealth's primary tool for protection and promotion of public use of its tidelands and other waterways.
  • Surface Water Quality Standards

    314 CMR 4.00: Surface Water Quality Standards - January 2007