• DCR's Division of Water Supply Protection

    The Division of Water Supply Protection within EEA's Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), is comprised of two Offices. The Office of Watershed Management manages and protects the drinking water supply for distribution by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority for 2.2 million residents of Massachusetts. The Office of Water Resources promotes water quality and conservation through several functions, including coordinating the review of proposed interbasin transfers, administering cooperative programs with the USGS, and managing the Rainfall Program.

  • Drinking Water

    Links to information and resources from MassDEP including policies and guidance, certified labs, and lead and other contaminants.
  • Water Conservation & Management

    Information and resources on water conservation and management from MassDEP.
  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Links to MassDEP Water Quality Monitoring Program information.
  • Source Water Protection

    Links to MassDEP for general information about source water protection, Source Water Assessment Program, and SWAP reports.
  • Plymouth Carver Aquifer Advisory Committee

    The towns of Bourne, Carver, Kingston, Plymouth, Plympton, Middleborough and Wareham all depend on the Plymouth-Carver Aquifer as their principal source of water.
  • Groundwater Quality Program

    The Groundwater program seeks to ensure that groundwater quality is protected for its highest use. Groundwater quality standards are established to coincide with drinking water standards in order to promote maximum protection of groundwater as a drinking water source.
  • Water Assets

    Studies have been undertaken to help local communities understand the impacts of water use in their area and identify future water supply areas that need to be protected. Each study represents a significant step forward in better understanding both the potential and the limitations water holds for future growth.
  • Well Drillers Program

    A program within the Drinking Water Program of the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Private Wells

    Links to information about private wells from MassDEP.
  • Water Quality and Pesticides

    Links to MA Department of Agriculture information and resources for the general public and cranberry growers / turf managers.
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) Program