• Help Getting a Job

    Would you like to get a new full time job? Or perhaps a part time job to supplement your retiree income? Many jobs today use only the internet to post openings. These links will show you electronic job search techniques and tools and connect you with online job databases like Job Quest. It also provides you with information about the One-Stop Career Centers (OSCCs) and Unemployment Insurance (UI).
  • Volunteer Service

    Do you have the time now to give back to your community through volunteer service? Want to add your voice to the civic dialogue about the future of your town and of your state? Your talents and wisdom are needed by myriad organizations, commissions, and boards to help deliver services to others in need and to make Massachusetts a better place to live. This site will provide you with links to Connect & Serve and other volunteer matching websites, the Governor's boards and commissions application site, the Governor's Public Calendar of Events, and various service organizations.
  • Lifelong Learning

    Education need not end after high school or college, since we can learn new techniques and concepts at any age. Also, advancing along your current career path or switching between different lines of work may require additional education or training. Our Life Long Learning page provides you with information and resources regarding a wide range of opportunities for developing your skills and knowledge base, from community colleges to GED programs to lifelong learning institutes.
  • Paying for Life's Necessities

    Our Paying for Life's Necessities provides links to sites that detail eligibility criteria for various federal, state, and local financial assistance programs. We will also direct you to search engines that specialize in finding the relevant local, state, and federal programs for your needs.
  • Transportation Planning

    Our Transportation page will show you how to best utilize low-cost, convenient public transportation so you can go where you need to go, when you need to go there. Do you drive a car to work? If not, it is vital that you have an alternative means of transportation.
  • Directory of COA Sites in Massachusetts  docx format of Directory of COA Sites in Massachusetts

    Here you can find the phone number of your local Council on Aging, which may be able to provide you with additional assistance with all the topic areas listed above.