• One-Stop Career Centers

    To help those who did not grow up in the Internet Age, an extraordinary variety of employment-related services for job seekers and businesses are available at the Commonwealth's network of 37 One-Stop Career Centers. While centers design services to meet local needs, there are certain free, core services that are offered statewide across all centers. For job seekers, provided services include career counseling, coaching on job search skills, and job search assistance. The Resource Rooms at the Centers feature personal computers, printers, résumé and word processing software, telephones, fax machines, and internet access. Centers also have assistive technology, including software which reads text for the visually impaired consumer as well as software which allows a person to type any document by using their voice. For employers, One-Stop Career Centers provide access to qualified applicants, applicant pre-screening, current labor market information, and help planning job fairs. In many centers, services are available in languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese.
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    Learn how to write résumés, interview, network, and develop your computer skills. Furthermore, learn key facts about Social Security as well as about discrimination against disabled or mature workers. Discover the truth about mature worker myths.
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  • Unemployment Assistance

    Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a temporary income protection program for workers who have lost their jobs but are able to work, available for work and looking for work. This website tells you about the eligibility requirements for UI as well as how to file a claim for UI.