• Public Housing

    This site will inform you about public housing. The government builds public housing to provide affordable apartments for low and moderate-income families, the elderly, people with disabilities, and certain veterans. Local housing authorities run public housing in Massachusetts. If you qualify for public housing, your rent will depend on your household income. Expect to pay approximately 30% of your net monthly income, after certain deductions, on rent. This site lists the various local public housing authorities, providing you with each one's address and telephone number. Call the local housing authority for the area in which you wish to settle down.
  • Assisted Living

    Elder Affairs' website contains lists of assisted living residences from across the Commonwealth. Assisted living is a combination of housing, meals, and personal care services to adults on a rental basis. Assisted living best suits residents who may need some help with activities such as housecleaning, meals, bathing, dressing, or medication reminders and who would like the security of having assistance available on a 24 hour basis in a residential and non-institutional environment. Assisted living encourages autonomy, privacy, and individuality. Unlike nursing facilities, assisted living locations do not provide medical or nursing services; therefore, assisted living is not intended for people who require serious medical care.
  • Senior Housing Locator

    The National Council on Aging (NCOA) features a national Senior Housing Locator which allows you to search for available housing in your area. The website allows you to choose from an array of housing and care options, from assistive living to home healthcare to nursing homes.
  • Additional Housing Programs

    MassResources.org will provide you information about additional housing programs.