Adult Day Health (ADH) is a community based day program providing nursing and therapeutic services and oversight for members in an effort to postpone nursing facility placement. MassHealth pays for Adult Day Health services for members who need assistance with 1 activity of daily living or one skilled service. Services provided include nursing, therapy, nutrition, dietary counseling, case management, activities, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Day Habilitation (DH) is a community based day program providing services that focus on skill development. This program is available to members who have a diagnosis of mental retardation or a developmental disability and are able to benefit from skill development. The skill development is based on a service plan that is designed to help the member become more independent in his or her environment. Day Habilitation is also available to members residing in Nursing Facilities who require specialized services under the terms of the Rolland Settlement Agreement.

To learn about MassHealth benefits, contact the MassHealth Service Center:

(TTY: 1-800-497-4648 for people with partial or total hearing loss)