The Office of Elder Affairs certifies Assisted Living Residences in Massachusetts and offers the Assisted Living Ombudsman Program to provide advocacy, information and complaint resolution to consumers.

One of the most rapidly growing forms of residential long-term care in Massachusetts is Assisted Living. Assisted Living Residences (ALRs) offer a combination of housing, meals and personal care services to adults on a rental basis. Assisted living residences are not the same as licensed nursing facilities; ALRs do not provide medical or nursing services. They are not designed for people who need serious medical care.

Instead, assisted living is intended for adults who may need some help with activities such as housecleaning, meals, bathing, dressing and/or medication reminders and who would like the security of having assistance available on a 24 hour basis in a residential and non-institutional environment. The underlying philosophy of assisted living is based on providing needed services to residents in a way that enhances their autonomy, privacy and individuality. Residents have the right to make choices in all aspects of their lives.