• Are there barber/beauty shops, convenience stores, banking, or a post office available on the campus?

Building and Grounds Maintenance

  • Is maintenance of the building(s) and the grounds included in the monthly fee?
  • Exactly what kind of maintenance is provided? Will the community maintain the appliances that came with the unit and/or personal appliances?
  • How well are the grounds and buildings maintained?

Living Quarters

  • Are the living quarters secure, comfortable, and well-maintained? Are they easily accessible and safe?
  • Are residents allowed to keep pets in their unit?
  • Can residents bring in their own toaster oven, microwave, or other small appliance for their unit if these items are not furnished by the CCRC?

Emergency Response System

  • Is there an emergency response system in the unit?
  • Is it conveniently located?
  • Is the signaling mechanism portable? Does the system still work if the resident is not in their unit? Does the response system work if a resident is outside of the community?
  • Where does the system signal, who responds, and how long does it take?
  • Is the security system adequate?
  • Is it community-wide?


  • Is the facility located in a safe area, near family, friends, houses of worship, and hospitals?
  • Is the community near parks, museums, theatres, and other places of interest?


  • How many meals are included in the monthly fee?
  • If only 1 or 2 meals per day are included, is it possible to choose which meal?
  • Are meals served in a common dining room?
  • Can arrangements be made for meals to be delivered to individual apartments, if a resident is ill or doesn't want to go to the dining room?
  • Are therapeutic or special diets included in the fee or do they cost more?
  • Is the food good?
  • Are guests welcome for meals?
  • Are the kitchen facilities clean and sanitary?

Personal Care Services

  • What personal care services, if any, are covered in the basic monthly fee?
  • What other services are available, how much do they cost, and how are they billed?
  • What, if any, is the additional basic monthly fee, for a second occupant in the unit?
  • Can residents bring in outside services on their own and does the CCRC need to know about this?
  • Does a resident need to take the whole package of services or can they choose services a-la-carte?
  • If only service packages are available, do the packages provide enough care?
  • How much flexibility is there with assistance or supervision with personal care? Can I determine when I receive assistance with personal care?
  • Does the contract guarantee how long the services will continue?
  • Who sets the price for the services that are not included in the monthly fee?
  • How will residents be notified of any fee changes?
  • Are housekeeping, linen service, and laundry included in the basic monthly fee, or are they available at an additional charge? If they are included, how often is each done?
  • Does the CCRC accept residents with mild cognitive impairments and are there any special programs for this population?

Recreational and Social Activities

  • What types of social and recreational activities are available and how often do they take place?
  • Do the residents generally participate in the activities?
  • Who plans events?
  • Are there separate areas for woodworking or other crafts?
  • Is there a golf course or a pool nearby?
  • Are wellness classes/clinics offered?
  • Are fitness facilities available?

Resident Government

  • How active and informed are the residents?
  • Is there a Residents' Council? What authority does the Council have?
  • What is the role of residents in the governing of the community?
  • How are residents' complaints handled by the community?


  • Do the staff members have professional backgrounds in the continuing care and geriatrics field?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Do they seem sincerely concerned with the safety, security, and well being of the residents? Are they pleasant and caring?


  • Is transportation provided on a regularly scheduled basis? Can special arrangements be made to accommodate individual needs?
  • Is the available transportation handicapped accessible?
  • Are the fees for transportation included in the regular fees or is there a charge associated with use?
  • Is the community near public transportation?


  • Are utilities covered in the monthly charge?
  • Exactly what is covered? Is the phone, cable, heat, electric, gas, and air conditioning included?
  • Can the utility charges be raised? For what reasons? How will residents be notified of any changes?