Nursing Home Care

  • Which health and long-term care services are included in the monthly fee?
  • Does the nursing facility accept Medicare and/or Medicaid?
  • Where is the nursing facility located - on the campus, nearby, or across town?
  • What type of license does it hold?
  • Does the facility provide different levels of care (skilled or intermediate) that may be needed in the future?
  • Can skilled nursing care be provided in a resident's own apartment or only at the skilled nursing facility?
  • What is the staffing ratio in the nursing facility?
  • Who decides when a resident needs a higher level of care and how is the decision made?
  • Who has the final judgment about nursing home admission and length of stay: the resident, the resident's physician, the medical director, or the administrator of the community? How is the decision made?
  • Is admission to the nursing facility immediate or must residents "wait in line" for placement?
  • Is the purchase of long-term care insurance required? If so, what type of insurance is required, how much does it cost, and what exactly does the policy cover?
  • Are any required long-term care insurance premiums included in the monthly fee or are they extra?
  • If the resident already has long-term care insurance, what, if any, portions of the monthly fee would be covered under long-term care insurance.

Other Health Services

  • What types of health services are available in the independent and Assisted Living units?
  • Are these services included in the monthly fees or are they on a fee-for-service basis?
  • Are ambulatory health care services available on the campus and who pays for them?
  • Does the facility offer short-term services such as routine physicals, dental examinations, pharmacy services, and physical therapy? Are these included in the monthly service fees, or do they cost extra?
  • Does the CCRC offer assistance with medications, such as phoning doctors when prescriptions run out, reordering prescriptions, picking up/delivering prescriptions, filling planners, and reminding residents to take their medications?