Congregate Housing is a shared living environment designed to integrate the housing and services needs of elders and younger disabled individuals. The goal of Congregate Housing is to increase self-sufficiency through the provision of supportive services in a residential setting. Congregate Housing is neither a nursing home nor a medical care facility. It does not offer 24-hour care and supervision. Services are made available to aid residents in managing Activities of Daily Living in a supportive, but not custodial environment. Each resident has a private bedroom, but shares one or more of the following: kitchen facilities, dining facilities, and/or bathing facilities. Throughout the state there are many variations in size and design.

Program Elements

A Service Coordinator is employed and spends time on-site in the congregate to:

  • Coordinate the activities of the local housing authority/housing agency and the various service provider agencies in order to bring about and maintain a well organized housing and services program.
  • Develop individual service plans based on each resident's need for ASAP clients, and collaborate with other residents' service coordinator's to ensure service plans fit with the needs and requirements of congregate living (i.e., cleaning of shared spaces, preparation of shared meals, contributions to common expenses).
  • Develop and maintain a Multi-disciplinary Assessment Team and Local Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Conduct outreach, assist in the application and screening process, and assist with moving in and out of the facility.
  • Develops, in coordination with the MAT Team, a plan for a 24 hour emergency response system.
  • Supports the residents in a group living situation, including negotiating concerns among the residents.