Eligibility for the congregate housing program requires a person to apply to the local housing authority, be at least 60 years of age or disabled, and meet the financial eligibility guidelines of the state 667 public housing program. Individuals may or may not have a physical and/or cognitive disability, but can participate in a shared living environment.

Residents are referred to congregate housing by family, hospitals, and community agencies. The Multi-disciplinary Assessment Team reviews the assessment of the potential resident as presented by the congregate housing services coordinator. The team then makes recommendations to the housing authority/housing agency regarding the capacity of the facility to support the applicant in the specified congregate housing unit.

Specific Criteria

The individual must:

  • Be capable of independent living and not require constant supervision to carry out activities of daily living
  • Be medically stable, oriented to person, place, and time, capable of independent decision making, and willing and able to follow through with any medical plan established with their physician
  • Not exhibit behaviors which would be a disturbance to or infringement on the rights of other congregate housing residents.
  • If an individual is not capable of meeting the above criteria independently, but through service provision (PCA, homemaker, home health aide, etc.), these criteria are met, and the individual may be appropriate.