In accordance with 651 CMR 12.03(8)(B), the Sponsor of an Assisted Living Residence must inform the Secretary in writing at least 30 days prior to the Alteration of the Assisted Living Residence, including a change in the number of units. Subsequent to the Certification of additional Units of a Residence, and in accordance in 651 CMR 12.03(6), the Executive Office of Elder Affairs (Elder Affairs) may make a fee adjustment to the current per Unit fee of $125.00.

In keeping with this regulation, the pro-rated fee schedule listed below will be utilized for additional Units:

Number of months until the Residence's Certification Renewal Date

Pro-rated fee for additional Units

18 - 24 months


12 - 18 months


6 - 12 months


Less than 6 months


Upon the Residence's meeting of the requirements of the biennial Renewal Certification Procedures, the Sponsor shall forward to Elder Affairs the Certification fee of $125.00 per Unit for all of the Residence's Units, including the Residence's newly Certified additional Units.