Case Management - The Supportive Housing Program is administered through regional ASAPs in collaboration with the local housing authorities. In order to participate in this program, a Case Manager from the local ASAP must assess the elder. The assessment will determine whether a resident is eligible for services offered at the housing complex. The resident, family members (if appropriate) and the Case Manager will develop a service plan that would meet the resident's needs. Case Managers are responsible for monitoring the service plan on an as needed basis. In addition to case management services which are provided to Home Care clients, the site may utilize a Service Coordinator who is on-site approximately 20 hours per week to assist any resident with accessing community services (e.g. help a resident apply for Food Stamps).

Supportive Services - Supportive services are provided by an Elder Affairs approved personal care vendor agency. Each site has a designated vendor who will be responsible for providing personal care, medication reminders and house cleaning.

24 Hour On-site Service - Under the supportive housing environment, all of the residents, whether Home Care clients or not, can access assistance at any time of the day. This service is designed to respond to unscheduled resident needs as well as to monitor residents who need scheduled assistance.