The Massachusetts Food Stamp Program, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has been streamlined for seniors. Even if you've never applied for assistance, or have been ineligible in the past, here are some reasons to consider applying for SNAP:

  • During these difficult economic times, even a modest monthly SNAP benefit can help to offset some of your household expenses.
  • Using SNAP benefits is completely confidential. SNAP recipients use a card which works just like a debit card.
  • The application for seniors is shorter (only two pages).
  • If you spend more than $35 per month on medical expenses including medications and doctor's visits, you may qualify for a $155 standard deduction. (or even higher based on your medical expenses) This deduction could result in a higher monthly SNAP benefit.

To apply, please call 1-866-950-FOOD or visit your local Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) Office. Once you have applied, you will find out in 30 days whether you are eligible for SNAP.

Learn more about SNAP and apply for this benefit by checking out our SNAP:Food Assistance section or call the Executive Office of Elder Affairs at: 1-800-AGE-INFO.