• Never give out personal information over the telephone such as Social Security Number, date-of-birth, credit card number, bank account number or Medicare number, if you have not initiated the call.
  • Do not give out personal information in person (many scam artists target the elderly at home by going door-to-door) if you have not scheduled an appointment with the caller.
  • Only give out personal information over the telephone if you have initiated the call to make a purchase or a charitable donation.
  • Never give in to pressure tactics from a caller. A legitimate business or charitable organization will not pressure you into making a purchase or giving a donation.
  • Remember, if you feel pressured or suspicious of the caller, you can always hang up!
  • Remember, you can request the caller to give you their telephone number and you can make the call yourself before giving out personal information. A tactic of the Drug Discount Card Scam is to give the elder person a telephone number that is disconnected.

Elders who encounter benefits related scams should report their suspicions to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs by calling 1-800-243-4636 and pressing 3; their local police; the MA Attorney General's office, and to Prescription Advantage at 1-800-AGE-INFO. Medicare related scams should be reported to Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE.