Once an elder has moved into a long term care facility, there will be a period of adjustment because they are living in a new home and will be following a new routine. Here are some suggestions to help your loved one:
  • Let your loved one be involved in decisions about their care and what they choose to do.

  • Get to know the staff that cares for your loved one. Develop a positive working relationship with them. To learn more, review Your Personal Care Plan.

  • Arrange frequent visits from family and friends. If your loved one enjoys children, bring them with you when you visit.

  • Become familiar with Resident Rights and the facility's policies.

  • Arrange subscriptions to familiar newspapers and magazines.

  • Encourage participation in activities and the resident's council.

  • Provide personal items, such as pictures, favorite pillows and furniture (where feasible), to make the resident's room as home-like as possible.

  • Ask questions if you don't understand something.

During the first few days at the home, an assessment will be completed and a plan to coordinate the resident's care will be developed. Your Personal Care Plan will provide a complete picture about what the plan should do, how it is developed and what input the individual and their loved ones may have into the development and implementation of the plan.