Life in a nursing or rest home is not always easy. Many residents are alone, and feeling powerless. A Long Term Care Ombudsman is an advocate for residents living in long term care facilities. Ombudsmen offer a way for residents and their loved ones to voice their complaints and have their concerns addressed so that residents can live their lives with dignity and respect.

The Executive Office of Elder Affairs, through 24 Local Program Areas, administers the Massachusetts Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. Ombudsmen work within the system to improve the quality of life and care of residents. Ombudsmen volunteers and staff are certified by the State Ombudsman and visit nursing and rest homes on a regular basis.

Our Goals

  • Receive, investigate and work to resolve concerns of residents.
  • Educate residents, families and providers about resident rights.

  • Refer individuals to other appropriate agencies for assistance when resolution of a concern is not possible through the Ombudsman Program.

  • Advocate for positive change to the long term care system in Massachusetts.

  • Provide information and assist consumers in selecting a long term care facility.

  • Keep the identities of residents and complainants confidential unless the person making the complaint consents to having such information released, or abuse or neglect are involved.

Seek help from a Long Term Care Ombudsman if…

  • You are a resident of a nursing or rest home.

  • You are a friend, relative or guardian of a resident of a nursing or rest home.

  • You are an employee or staff person of a long term care facility.

  • You are thinking about moving into a long term care facility.

And You:

  • Are concerned about care or treatment in a nursing or rest home.

  • Need guidance in selecting a long term care facility.

  • Are looking for information regarding resident rights.

  • Have a question about a transfer or discharge of a resident.

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

  • Is NOT the regulatory agency overseeing Nursing and Rest Homes. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Division of Health Care Quality inspects and licenses Nursing and Rest Homes in Massachusetts.

  • Does NOT certify assisted living facilities. Contact The Assisted Living Certification office at 617-727-7750.

  • Is NOT able to provide direct care to residents.