photo of Secretary Alice Bonner

Welcome to the Executive Office of Elder Affairs! Our vision is that older adults and people with disabilities will have the opportunity to live well and thrive in every community throughout the Commonwealth.

Aging begins the moment we are born. If healthy lifestyles are adopted early on in life, healthy aging and longevity are possible. We want to help people add years to life…but more importantly, to add life to years.

Elder Affairs connects seniors and families with a whole range of services in communities throughout Massachusetts – everything from senior centers to councils on aging, nutrition programs such as Meals on Wheels, exercise, health coaching, and much more. Staying engaged in our communities can be a big part of healthy aging. Elder Affairs has programs to assist older adults in finding job opportunities, and assisting those who wish to volunteer as well.

While we aspire to healthy aging, some aspects of getting older may involve chronic conditions or disabilities. Elder Affairs supports older adults who may be somewhat frail through programs in nursing homes, such as the ombudsman program volunteers who visit nursing home residents, and quality improvement initiatives in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We support older adults wherever they choose to live, and have a commitment to those who wish to remain in their own homes, through our three home care programs.

The number of older adults living with dementia is projected to increase dramatically over the coming decades. Elder Affairs is committed to supporting the vision of EOHHS in promoting health, independence, and resilience for individuals with dementia and their families. Through our caregiver programs, people with mild Alzheimer’s or those caring for someone with more advanced Alzheimer’s disease may receive help, respite and support. As a caregiver myself, I know how important it is to have someone to talk to about caregiving issues.

We are here for you – please visit our website at 1-800-AGE-INFO to learn more about the many programs and services that are available to you here in Massachusetts. And as always use the 24/7 hotline number, 1-800-922-2275 to report any elderly abuse.  

We are interested in your feedback and ideas about what else we might be able to offer! Please use the feedback form to send us your comments.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Alice Bonner
Secretary Elder Affairs


- Aging in Massachusetts: Healthier, Safer, Stronger, Better! -