Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)
Case Study

Mashpee Commons
Mashpee, Massachusetts

Mashpee Commons set the standard for Traditional Neighborhood Development in New England and is the most recognized example of New Urbanism in Massachusetts. In 1988, this former disinvested strip mall in Mashpee, Massachusetts was converted into Mashpee Commons, a mixed-use, mixed-income, pedestrian-friendly town center. Planning for Mashpee Commons has since been expanded to include six interrelated mixed-use neighborhoods with housing, offices, stores, civic buildings and open space, which are all controlled by strict design codes. The development is permitted for thirty-six mixed-use buildings whose collective footprints comprise 255,000 square feet (many will be 2-story buildings) and up to 100 dwelling units. The development is currently under constrution and, thus far, 97,923 square feet of retail, 24,505 square feet of restaurant, 36,415 square feet of office and 13,250 square feet of theatre space has been built.

Why it works:

Business Mix: Mashpee Commons offers a diverse retail mix, which ranges from national retailers to local merchants. To date, over one hundred retailers operate at Mashpee Commons, meeting local and regional retail demand.

Diverse Housing: Housing in Mashpee Commons includes affordable units that are interspersed throughout the development, and market-rate housing that serves diverse income and age levels, including starter, senior, and luxury homes. Housing styles are diverse but conform to the local vernacular. Some apartments have already been built above stores in the retail district, and more housing will be constructed in future development phases.

Extended sidewalks in Mashpee Commons.
Sidewalk amenities in Mashpee Commons.
Community Spaces: A range of services is provided in Mashpee Commons that build community and define the space as a traditional neighborhood. The development includes a church, post office, hotel, children's museum, library, medical office building, and a proposed performing arts theater.

Site-specific: The architectural style of the homes and commercial center in Mashpee Commons conforms to traditional Cape Cod design principles.