Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

Agricultural Preservation

District Improvement Financing (DIF)

Form Based Codes (FBC)

Inclusionary Zoning

Low Impact Development (LID)

Mill Revitalization Districts (MRD)

Open Space Design (OSD)/Natural Resource Protection Zoning (NRPZ)

Smart Growth / Smart Energy Toolkit Overview

Smart Parking

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Wastewater Alternatives

*The slideshows developed for this toolkit illustrate the basic concepts of each smart growth / smart energy module, address some of the issues surrounding implementation and provide summaries of the case studies that were developed. Where appropriate, multiple slideshows are provided that include varying levels of detail or different perspectives on a single topic (e.g. developers as compared with local officials). As with much of the material developed for this toolkit, these slideshows should be reviewed in detail and adjusted to suit a particular user's needs. Users are encouraged to read through all of the material before viewing or using the slideshows to ensure a high comfort level with the subject matter.

The slideshows created for this toolkit were developed using Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Toolkit users with an older version or users who do not have PowerPoint may want to install PowerPoint Viewer 2003 which is available by clicking here.